Better point of sale.

More savings on card fees.

The first Worldpay EMV-certified POS
for NAMM members.

More success in-store!

Retail Up AT LASTTM is the easy-to-use Point of Sale that integrates to QuickBooks and Sage, runs in the cloud and in-store, and processes over 15 music store-specific tasks . . . and it’s all Worldpay EMV-certified.

More profits for the bottom line!

Save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars annually on credit card fees. Worldpay’s free card analysis shows you how.

Save more! Free or discounted card readers, and reduced fees for POS customization and monthly service.

More success and savings in-store . . .  easy as 1,2,3

  • Choose your store’s annual sales level below.
  • Sign up for Retail Up POS demonstration and Worldpay card analysis.
  • Save on your new AT LASTTM POS & Worldpay card services.

Call 800.691.8172 or email, or to arrange an online demo, sign up, and start saving!